Friday, 12 December 2008

In Memoriam talk 107

Since early October 2008, I had a regular wee 5-minute slot on talk 107 on Wednesday mornings on the Scott and Liz show, round about 9.15 am. I nattered briefly about any aspect of Scotland that may be in the news, or plucked from the book, or just something new and odd. Gabs included Scottish Dinosaurs; Guy Fawkes's desire to blow the Scots back to Scotland; the bloody Fife invasion of Lewis in 1599; Fiona Macleod and Scottish cross-dressing; Harry Lauder and his Irish act; Barack Obama & fables of Scottish descent; Somali and Scottish pirates compared; St Andrew; Jesus's adoration of the Scots as manifested in the Declaration of Arbroath; the gallant Patrick Ferguson (who invented the breechloading rifle and spared George Washington's life); and another gallant soldier, Colin Mackenzie (who discovered India's Buddhist heritage).

talk 107 went off the air on 23 December, 2008. Good luck guys, especially of course Scott, Liz and Paul - it was an honour and a pleasure to be a regular guest.

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  1. I enjoyed the OW anecdote. I "did" Oscar for my honours dissertation. I dare say, not many people have heard of "Fiona McCleod" either, but Richard Le Gallienne wrote about him at some length in his book "The Romantic '90s"